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Morning physical exercises and many people do it
  Morning physical exercises are very important for health and well being of the person. This statement, probably no one will object. Morning physical exercises chases dream. Exercise morning exercise…

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How to breathe while running - Running
  As I heard a lot, read a lot of recommendations, advice on the technique of proper breathing while running, only God knows. But I often catch myself thinking that…

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How to reduce the negative impact of the sun on the body.


We always look forward to summer. After a long cold and rainy gladly remove the boots and jackets, hide away in a cupboard umbrellas and galoshes, and with bliss hosting the first summer days under the warm rays of the sun. But after a few weeks begins “of chil”… the Sun burn its scorching rays, heat interferes with focus and to do their job. But what to say about people… even the technique Suffers. But there are still two summer months. To work, to the beach, a walk in the

Park with children – need to catch up. And all this in hot summer weather……

How to reduce the negative impact of the sun on the body.

Everyone knows that in the heat need to drink more. But not all are aware that after heavy drinking useful micronutrients also very actively leave our body because it is working hard excretory system.

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How to choose a gym

Given an idea to visit a gym, it is important to find the right place where you will want to come again and again, because you need to train at least 2 times a week and the atmosphere of the room may serve as a stimulus to practice. Of course, not only the interior and exterior of the hall is important, it is also necessary to assess the quality and quantity of inventory, expensive halls izobiluyut useless equipment, but have a significant shortage of free weights.

You can safely choose the room, with the presence of:

– stand with dumbbells and the more of them the better

– benches multi-press

– cardio equipment ( treadmills, exercycles, Ellipticals)

– multiple Olympic barbells (and enough pancakes)

– vertical block.

For comfortable work in the gym, you need:

– good ventilation of the hall

– availability of showers and changing rooms

– the order and discipline

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The benefits and harms of the pool for health


All doctors say that the best type of load than swimming, you will not find. However, it is not always as helpful as it seems.

It so happens that you just don’t have time to go to the river, plenty there to swim. For this purpose, and were created pools don’t need to travel far just to go to the pool and get energized no worse than swimming in the river.

Details: About the benefits of swimming for health. In this article, we

will discuss the potential harm of use of the pool.

Actually swimming in a pool can bring to our body not only benefits, but also considerable damage. And that damage is related more to the health of the skin.

Why swimming pools are considered hazardous to health?

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Social projects – Fit4You


Participation in the International Festival of Healthy lifestyle

on 29 June, the chain of fitness centers FIT4YOU participated in the International Festival of healthy lifestyle. Coach FIT4YOU completely free for everyone trained. The day on the Festival pier open air residents of Dnipropetrovsk was unable to attend classes Pilates, yoga, Tae-Bo and step aerobics. Leader involvement and interest in training training has become

CYCLE (cardio workout on a special Bicycle simulator). Spinning bikes from small to large! Even the Governor of Dnepropetrovsk region could not resist the temptation to twist the bike! Coach FIT4YOU Constantine and Angela Kravchenko and only managed to show interesting exercises, which in the Cycle of a great many.

Also Kostya with Angela demonstrated the mega drive on the Big stage of the Festival, where, together with his students, showed Cycle show!

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In defense of running


Slow long running trains and respiratory system. The sports physiologists have found that when running long distances in humans, there is a condition in which the body’s need for oxygen is almost fully met during operation.

Ventilation also reaches a maximum. Vital capacity of lungs in runners “with the experience” is about 5000-6000 cubic centimeters. Improved and blood composition.

Jogging exercise is an excellent means of exercise of muscular-articular apparatus. The muscles of the foot when running is experiencing considerable stress. So before you start running exercise, you need 2-3 sessions to specifically dedicate strengthening ligaments of the foot.

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Organism adaptation to physical loads
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Workout at home. Muscle training at home. Cardio workout at home
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